> Power Conditioners

Power Conditioners are must-have for tube audio system. It will save you hundreds of dollars of unexpected tube loss due to power spikes. Note that tube amps use step-up transformer to bring your local voltage to the circuit voltage - usually 450V and up. A small spike could cause your expensive tubes to blown and fail. 


Power conditioners are equally important for solid state audio system to offer a clean power supply and eliminate power noises. 


Our Power Conditioners are hand selected for sound quality - they won't choke your system sound and will let your system breath.  Typical home threatre power conditioners tend to choke high end audio sound by limiting current - human eyes are much slower in detecting changes than our ears so you may wonder where the music dynamic has gone. Well, they might be have been sucked out by your power filtering device! 


Consonance D-Linear 15 Ultra Reference Power Conditioning System

Got high end systems? This one will take care all your power issues - 25 Amp maximum load and quality is confirmed by high end power cord designer / manufacturer in USA.