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Consonance Ref 5.5 MKII SET Integrated 300B Tube Amplifier

 Single Ended Triode in parallel to double the power of legendary 300B tube output - you can use it either as integrated or a straight forward power amp. You can hardly find another 300B integrated amp built to this quality level at this price point!

Consonance Cyber880AM Monoblock Power Amp (2A3) - Pair

 45watts per channel, tube monoblocks, one of the finest audio tube 2A3 used for magic sound.  

Consonance LT-1 Linear Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm

 FACTORY DIRECT - best value ULTRA HIGH END air bearing tonearm 

Consonance T88 / T88S Dual Single Point Carbon Fiber Tonearm

 Easy to adjust high end carbon fiber tonearm. 9" or 12" available. 

Japanese Elekit TU-8340VK Integrated Tube Amplifier (Kit or Assembled)

 Well made Japanese amp kit, optional to be assembled professionally... can be a EL34 / KT88 / KT120 /  KT150 amp as you wish...push a button to set bias.... a true low maintenance GREAT amp at unbelievable price..

Vacuum Tubes
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