Opera Audio (Consonance)


Below is a brief description of Opera Audio by Robert Harley, Editor of The Absolute Sound in 2008 (from Opera Audio website):


Opera Audio was founded in 1994 by Eric LIU, an optical-mechanical engineer whose real passion was for music (particularly European opera) and audio. His story is the classic "kitchen-table" start-up; he made a tubed amplifier for his own use, was asked to make another for sale, and decided to go into business.


Significantly, Opera was the first turntable manufacturer in China and has demonstrated with analog at every show since the company's founding. Even with more than 100 products in the line (including technical and cosmetic variations of products), Mr. Liu still creates all the designs himself. The product range includes both solid-state and tubed integrated amplifiers, preamps, power amps, CD players, and turntables. Opera even makes its own tone arms…


 …Everything about Opera Audio was impressive, from the fundamental design ethic to the build-quality to the sound.


All Opera Audio's products are sold under "Consonance' brand in and outside of China.  It is a registered trademark in many countries inlcuding USA, protected by local laws. 


All Opera products listed on the official Opera website are available for North American market with custom 115V powe supply. If you do not see the model you are interested in on Grant Fidelity website, please visit www.opera-consonance.com and contact us for pricing information. 


Direct Shipping save you time and money: 


All Opera products are shipped directly from the factory (Beijing, China) to North American customers by express air freight at no extra charge to the buyer. This will significantly reduce turnaround time for custom 115V transformer and your choice of wood color. Average order turnaround time is 2 weeks, then the item will be shipped by air with 6-8 business days transfit time. 


All Opera products offered by Grant Fidelity has NO retail mark-up in the price. You will be able to own a fine piece of high end audio from this premier manufacturer at wholesale price, plus free air express shipping, along with Grant Fidelity warranty provided from North America. Please purchase with absolute confidence. 


Consonance Cyber 300B Tube Power Monoblock Amplifiers (pair)

 The charm and legend of 300B sound, plus artistic appearance. 

This item is out of stock
Consonance Cyber 800 MKII Tube Power Amplifiers (pair)

 Artisticly designed tube monoblocks with 100 watts KT88 / KT120 / KT150 push pull tube power. 

Consonance Cyber 845S Tube Power Amplifiers (pair)

 Flagship Consonance tube power amps with 845 output tubes - the king of vacuum tubes. FACTROY DROP SHIPPING - contact us for your savings. 

Consonance Cyber100 15-Year Anniversary KT88/KT120/KT150 integrated Tube Amplifier

 Render both fine detail and tonality.. can use KT88 / KT120 / KT150 type of tubes for a heavenly musical enjoyment. Please select your desired tube package to see total price. 

Consonance Cyber880 Tube Power Amplifier

 100w tube power - drive the most demanding speakers with ease. 2010 HiFi+ magazine "Highly Recommended" award! - FACTORY DROP SHIPPING TO SAVE 40%

Consonance Cyber880AM Monoblock Power Amp (2A3) - Pair

 45watts per channel, tube monoblocks, one of the finest audio tube 2A3 used for magic sound.  

Consonance D-Linear 15 Ultra Reference Power Conditioning System

Got high end systems? This one will take care all your power issues - 25 Amp maximum load and quality is confirmed by high end power cord designer / manufacturer in USA. 

Consonance Droplet CDP-5.0HD Fully Balanced Tube CD Player

 26 international reviews, Recommmended Component Award and Blue Moon Award. Digital Inputs for you to access the internal high end DAC.  FACTORY DROP SHIPPING TO YOUR DOOR TO SAVE NEARLY 40% OFF MSRP. 

Consonance Droplet LP5.0 MKII Flagship Turntable with TS88 Tonearm

Flagship turntable with multiple reviews. Best Product of Year award by EnjoytheMusic.com.  Turntable like this one usually fetch $10k budget. It is art and engineering perfectly in one. FACTORY DROP SHIPPING TO SAVE 30%+


Consonance Linear1 Tube Pre-Amplifier

 Flagship model, silver wiring, Lundahl transformer... you name it. Match to Cyber 845S power amp. No global feedback design. 

Consonance M-10S Integrated Tube Amp w/ Headphone

 Small amp with big sound, plus headphone out and optional remote - Single ended EL34. FACTORY DROP SHIPPING TO SAVE 40% OFF.

Consonance PM-7 Solid State Phonostage w/ separate Power Supply

Open Box item for clearance - this unit has only been used for demonstration with extremely low hours like NEW. Only one unit available - ship from Calgary, Canada to Canada and USA for 115V/60Hz use only. Extremely well built low noise phonostage - comparable western brands will fetch for $1500 and above! 


Consonance Ref 5.5 MKII SET Integrated 300B Tube Amplifier

 Single Ended Triode in parallel to double the power of legendary 300B tube output - you can use it either as integrated or a straight forward power amp. You can hardly find another 300B integrated amp built to this quality level at this price point!

Consonance Reference 40 Tube Phono Stage

 High End tube phonostage with separate power supply - work with both MM and MC. FACTORY DROP SHIPPING 

Consonance Reference CD2.2 MKIII HD Tube Digital Audio Player

 24/192 high res balanced CD player with tube output, plus digital input to use with other digital sources - FACTORY DIRECT DROP SHIPPING TO SAVE 40% OFF MSRP.