Japanese Elekit TU-8340VK Integrated Tube Amplifier (Kit or Assembled)

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Only very limited quantity available from first batch from Japan! Order yours now and receive it as kit or assembled. 

Assemble turnaround time: All kit assembling will be done by Elekit distributor professionally in Canada in about 2-3 weeks time after full payment received. 

Amplifier supports worldwide voltage - buyers from ourside of Canada / USA, please contact for shipping quote by air express. 


TU-8340VK Push-Pull Amplifier Kit   
■Semi-Automatic Bias Adjustment- Adjust the bias by simply pushing a button!
■Supports various output tubes
   Semi-auto bias adjustment supports 6L6GC series (KT66,etc), KT88 series (6551,
   KT90,etc),as well as the default EL34 series (6CA7, KT77, etc) tubes.
   The robust transformer can support tubes with higher heater current requirements  
   such as the KT88 series including the KT120 and KT150.
■ 2 types of amplifier modes - Switch between Ultra Linear and Triode.
■ Enough space for upgrading to large coupling capacitors if desired.
■ Universal power transformer supports 100V, 115V, 200V and 230V


  Semi-Automatic Bias Adjustment   - Adjust the bias simply pushing a button!
Installed with optional Lundahl OPT

Lundahl LL 2769



Circuit configuration Vacuum tube stereo power amplifier
Output stage

AB Class push-pull, UL /Triode mode, Fixed bias (semi automsatic adjustment system)

Voltage amplification stage 2 stages, Phase inversion - differential amplifier (first stages)
B -Power

MOSFET, ripple filter (for L and R separately)

Tube options

Output tube : EL34/6CA7 (standard) x 4 pcs

options : KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, KT120, KT150 series.

Voltage amplification tube : ECC81/12AT7 x 4 pcs

Max output (8ohm load, THD 10%)  
                EL34 45W+45W(UL)    24W+24W(TRIODE)
                6L6GC 32W+32W(UL)    18W+18W(TRIODE)
                 KT88 42W+42W(UL)    24W+24W(TRIODE)
                 KT150 50W+50W(UL)    28W+28W(TRIODE)
Rated input (EL34,UL)

460mV rms

Frequrency response (-3dB)

5Hz - 120kHz

Residual noise (IHF-A, 8ohm load)


Input terminal

RCA jack stereo, 1 line

Output Terminal

Gold-plated binding terminal (Banana plug)

Power voltage

100V AC 50/60Hz (115V, 200V, and 230V) 

IEC standard 3P inlet

Power consumption


Approx 130W (no signal)  Approx 190W (max. output)

Approx 150W (no signal)  Approx 240W (max. output)


W450 x H200 x D336


Approx 17 Kg


 Watch the detailed video of the amp kit with Lundahl transformers: https://vimeo.com/197662096
 Please note: when you order the Lundahl transfromer upgrade from our website, your package will only come with the upgrade transformer. If you wish to receive Stock Transformer + Upgrade Lindahl transformer, there will be extra $185 charges to cover the addtional cost and shipping cost due to the weight and size of the transformers. 

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