How to shop at Grant Fidelity Webstore



There are 4 ways to find the product you are looking for: 


Shop by Category: 


This is the menu on the left side of the website. You can pick the category based on the product types you are looking for by hovering your mouse over the correct Category. If the Category has sub-Categories, it will pop up to the right of the main category. You can click open a sub-Category to read the detailed product listings. 


Shop by Price: 


You can browse products based on your budget. By clicking on the dropdown list on the left called 'shop by price', you will see a price range list with increments of $500 each. When using this method, you will see the products under all Categories / Brands grouped to the price range you have chosen. 


Shop by Brands: 


If you know the product manufacturer (Brand), use this option to quickly browse all products made by a certain manufacturer. If a product is sold under the Grant Fidelity brand, choose the 'Grant Fidelity Private Label'. 


Search the website: 


If you know exactly what model of product you are looking for, this is the quickiest way to get you to the right listing. Just type in the model number in the right side 'search' box and search. If you want to search specific content (such as phrase or words), you can use this option to narrow down to a few listings quickly. You may use the 'advanced search logic' link to get to your search results faster. 


 Find the new arrival in the past 90 days: 


Simply click on 'What's New' tab on the top menu - you will be presented with a listing page including all products added to the website in the past 90 days. 


Find what others are buying: 


Click on 'Top Sellers' tab on the top menu - you will be presented with the top 6 most frequently ordered products from the webstore.  Top sellers will change from time to time based on purchase frequency of each product. 


Find Special priced items to save even more: 


From time to time, we have items that are on special promotion with factory support or items on clearance. Simply click on 'Specials' tab on the top menu then you will be presented with these listings. 


Featured Products: 

This is the product widget on the right side of the website - it will rotate products that we think they are quite special in terms of functions. Often featured products are also on sale for a favorable price. Do not miss the opportunity.  


How to audition a product before you purchase? 


Click on 'Audition' tab on the top menu to find out how you can visit a past customer to audition a product you are interested in, or arrange an in-home audition at your own place. 


When you are ready to place an order: 


- Make sure to select the currency (either USD or CAD) that you wish to place order in or view products with (selection widget is on the right side of the website)


- You do not have to open an account first in order to place an order. You can choose to use express check out. We encourage you to open an account then you can keep track of your past orders, earn reward points and establish a purchase history with us. Overtime when your total purchase reaches certain amount, you may be offered an extra discount as our long term loyal customer. 


- Put your interested items into your shopping cart then view your cart from the right side 'Shopping Cart' link at any time. 


- When making payment, make sure to choose the correct payment method. If you are not in Canada, please do not use the Pay in CAD option (the first option in the list). Otherwise your order will not be received or processed. 


If you need further assistance to shop with our webstore or need assistance, please feel free to contact us by using the 'contact us' link at the bottom of each webpage. 


If you encounter a bug when using our webstore, please kindly let us know so that we can fix it for you ASAP. 


Happy Shopping and Happy Listening.