Consonance LT-1 Linear Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm

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Due to the complexity of the tonearm setup process, we STRONGLY suggest you to work with a local turntable specialist to assist you to set it up at home, if you are not experienced or knowledgeable enough for setting up complex turntable system. Consonance Manufacturer technical support is available with email / video - Grant Fidelity will faciliate the process but we are not able to provide factory level support from our location in Canada. 

This item, upon special order and full payment received, will be ordered from factory and air shipped to customer's address by air express. 



LT-1 Linear Tracking tonearm

The LT-1 is a linear tangential tonearm that uses air bearings to ensure that the cartridge keeps the correct position and has practically zero friction during use.In linear tracking tonearms the cartridge is maintained in a position that is the same as the cutting head. This allows for superior audio playback.

It uses a high-pressure air-bearing design used in medical devices. The LT-1 can withstand the pressure of 3kgs and still operate stably. It has zero vibrations and zero movement in any direction allowing the cartridge to retrieve only the musical information from the grooves.

The LT-1 tonearm also has a rigid aluminium structure and a precise VTA which is very easy to use.

High pressure air is supplied by a super quiet pump system with along with an air-drying unit.

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